Specialist MediaWiki consultants

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Our specialist MediaWiki consultants can help you better understand the use of wikis in the context of your organisation, and help you to customise your MediaWiki installation(s) for greater efficiency and ease of use.

We have worked with MediaWiki consultancy clients including UK government organisations including University College DublinDirectgov, NHS Choices and BusinessLink.gov.uk, and organisations throughout the world, including the International Life Sciences Institute and the University of Halmstad.

Expert MediaWiki consultants

MediaWiki book by MediaWiki consultant Richard Carter

We have vast experience in MediaWiki-based projects, and our previous projects have included:

  • consulting on whether MediaWiki is an appropriate platform for a project
  • performing security consulting for existing MediaWiki installations
  • leading training courses in MediaWiki to users of varying levels of understanding and technical ability
  • customising MediaWiki to suit client requirements, from bespoke extension development to custom configuration for user roles
  • consulting on a MediaWiki installation’s search engine friendliness, and working to correct issues found
  • creating customised MediaWiki skins to alter MediaWiki’s default design, to match a client’s branding or web design visuals
  • updating your Mediawiki installation to keep it secure, or benefit from new functionality
  • migrating user data and content from other wiki or content management systems in to MediaWiki
  • integrating MediaWiki with other systems (e.g., for log ins) such as Drupal and WordPress

Our founder, Richard Carter, is author of the MediaWiki Skins Design book (pictured; published by Packt), and acted as a technical reviewer on MediaWiki 1.1 Beginners Guide, and we maintain our knowledge on the platform to benefit MediaWiki clients current and future. Whatever your MediaWiki project, our consultants can help design, build and advise you.

Our MediaWiki skin design portfolio

We present a small selection of past MediaWiki skin design projects below.

AsianWiki.com MediaWiki skin design

Custom MediaWiki skin design for AsianWiki.com

Bespoke design by MediaWiki consultants RCC

MediaWiki design for CMK Alliance


If you’d like to work with a specialist MediaWIki consultant, please contact Richard Carter Consultancy.