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Want to promote your MediaWiki website in search engines? Let us help you with our MediaWiki search engine optimisation (SEO) consultancy.

Richard Carter Consultancy can help you set your wiki up and provide you with MediaWiki training courses to get you up to speed with the day-to-day management of your wiki. We can help you customise the functionality of your wiki, too, and change the way it looks with our MediaWiki skin design experience, and once those steps are complete, we can help to advise you on optimising your wiki for search engines, too.

Our MediaWiki SEO experience

We help many clients set up and run their MediaWiki websites, and advise them on promoting their content in search engines such as BING, Yahoo! and Google using the MediaWiki software. Our previous SEO experience with MediaWiki includes:

  • Advising on suitable extensions to control meta elements of your MediaWiki pages, such as title and meta description;
  • Generating XML sitemaps to improve search engine indexing of your wiki’s content;
  • Implementing Google Authorship to improve visibility of your MediaWiki website in search engine results;
  • Re-implementing MediaWiki skins to allow improved indexing of your wiki’s content;
MediaWiki Skins Design book

MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter

Our chief MediaWiki consultant is Richard Carter, who has years of experience working with MediaWiki, with clients including UK government organisations such as Directgov, and universities throughout the world, including University College Dublin. Richard is the author of the MediaWiki Skins Design book, and acted as a technical reviewer on the MediaWiki 1.1 Beginners Guide book, too.

Please contact us for more information on our MediaWiki consultancy and optimisation services.