MediaWiki Skins Designer

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We’re a small, niche MediaWiki skin design studio based in the UK, and we’ve worked with clients across the world to design and develop the MediaWiki skin they desire.

MediaWiki Skins Design book

MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter

Our MediaWiki design skills have been put to the test for clients in South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and America to name a few countries, and we’ve worked with big names, too. Our senior MediaWiki skin designer, Richard Carter, has worked with UK government organisations including NHS Choices and Directgov, as well as the University of Halmstad in Sweden and University College Dublin.

A wealth of MediaWiki skin design expertise

We’re uniquely experienced in designing for the MediaWiki platform: our founder is the author of the MediaWiki Skins Design book, and we’re consistently asked to help companies of all size with integrating designs in to MediaWiki.

We offer a number of bespoke consultation for clients wanting to customise their MediaWiki skin, including:

  • Design and implementation: we’ll design your wiki’s new skin, and then implement it in your chosen MediaWiki version;
  • Implementation only: we’ll take your designs, whether they’re in Photoshop Document format (PSD), PNG, JPEG, SVG (such as that produced by Inkscape)

We also provide MediaWiki consultancy and SEO for MediaWiki to help you get your wiki off the ground, and recommend the most appropriate customisations for your MediaWiki project, as well as helping you to keep the software up to date with our MediaWiki update services.

Samples of our MediaWiki skin design

Presented below is a small sample of previous MediaWiki skin design projects undertaken by Richard Carter Consultancy Ltd.

Custom MediaWiki design for CMK Alliance

MediaWiki design for CMK Alliance MediaWiki skin design

Custom MediaWiki skin design for