MediaWiki training courses

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Master MediaWiki with our MediaWiki training courses, covering everything from the basics such as page editing to advanced tips and tricks you’ll be using for years to come.

Led by Richard Carter, a highly acclaimed MediaWiki consultant, the courses are tailored to suit your organisation’s precise requirements in terms of learning outcomes, and come with comprehensive notes in PDF format, too.

MediaWiki training courses in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh

The MediaWiki courses can be held at your premises, wherever you are in the world, or in at various locations in the United Kingdom, including Edinburgh, Dublin, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cardiff and London.

MediaWiki courses availability

We have 3 MediaWiki courses available:

  • MediaWiki for beginners: learn the basics of adding and editing MediaWiki articles and content
  • MediaWiki for advanced users: created for more advanced MediaWiki users, with added tips, tricks and shortcuts for everyday MediaWiki use
  • MediaWiki for web designers: a much more technical overview of MediaWiki designed to help web designers and developers to understand good practice in designing and developing for MediaWiki projects

If you would like more information about the MediaWiki training courses or help with upgrading your MediaWiki installation mentioned above, please contact us.