MediaWiki upgrades

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Do you need help upgrading your version of MediaWiki?

From updating the core version of MediaWiki to extensions you have installed, it can be a hassle, importing data, updating the database structure and (re)importing your old files.

Whether it’s MediaWiki 1.11 to MediaWiki 1.17, or anything inbetween – we’ve seen it all. If you are in need of more help outside of updating your MediaWiki installation, you may find our MediaWiki consultancy or training courses of interest. We also have a fantastic background in providing custom designs for MediaWiki, and helping our clients to optimise their MediaWiki websites for search engines.

Our MediaWiki upgrades expertise

MediaWiki Skins Design book

MediaWiki Skins Design book by Richard Carter

With years of MediaWiki experience, helping everyone from small companies to large corporations and universities around the world, we’re perfectly positioned to help you update your MediaWiki website. Our senior MediaWiki consultant, Richard Carter, is also the author of the MediaWiki Skins Design book, and technical reviewer of the MediaWiki 1.1 Beginners Guide book.

Contact us for a quotation for your MediaWiki installation update.