Adding a Google sitemap to your Magento store

Stumbling about how to create a Google XML sitemap for your Magento store? Here’s our guide to adding an XML sitemap to your Magento store: the example below is in Magento 1.6 but you should find this fairly consistent across all versions.

1. Log in to Magento and go to Catalog > Sitemap

Log in to your Magento administration panel, and navigate to Catalog > Google Sitemap.

2. Add a new sitemap

The next step is to click the Add Sitemap button (see the top-right of the screenshot):
Adding an XML sitemap to Magento

From here, you’re presented with a fairly harmless looking form to add a sitemap to your Magento store:

Add a sitemap to Magento 1.6: form screenshot
  1. Give your sitemap a filename in the Filename field: this is best left as sitemap.xml if you’re creating a generic XML sitemap for your Magento store.
  2. Next, provide the directory path to where you want Magento to generate the XML sitemap; I tend to leave this as the root directory, for which you enter a slash character – / – in to the Path field here. Ensure your base path is writeable: you will need to ensure that the directory you are creating the sitemap in has write permission (Magento has a guide to filesystem permissions in its wiki).
  3. Select the store view you’re generating this sitemap for: I’ve generating the sitemap for the English view of a multisite Magento installation in the screenshot below.
  4. Finally, click the Save & Generate button to create your sitemap (it will error if you have the incorrect permissions set – see step 2!).
If you now visit the file (e.g., yourstore.com/sitemap.xml) you’ll see the XML sitemap for your Magento store there:
Screenshot of generated XML sitemap in Magento

(The above screenshot was taken in the Opera browser – some browsers will not colour the different attributes in XML for you, so your sitemap may look different from the above! I’ve obfuscated the URLs in the screenshot to ensure the security of the client’s website).

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