Which additional features are in Magento Enterprise Edition?

One question we receive from client enquiries on a reasonably regular basis is which additional features Magento Enterprise Edition comes with.

Magento Community, its free-to-use sister, is already very feature rich and provides a great basis for ecommerce websites, and the question of what extra functionality the Magento license fee (see how much Magento Enterprise costs) for Enterprise Edition provides is certainly valid.

Extra functionality in Magento Enterprise

So, which extra features does Magento Enterprise Edition actually ship with? The features that really stand out to us are:

  • Full Page Caching: this could be worth the cost of Magento Enterprise alone, as it can hugely reduce load on your servers and increasing availability of your store at peak times (see this guide on Magento Full Page Caching), as well as some potential load time benefits
  • Return Management Authorisation: RMA allows management of returns, replacements and refunds with Magento Enterprise’s backend (see this Wikipedia article for a reasonable explanation of RMA).
  • Customer support from Magento Inc: direct access to Magento staff for any queries you might have.
  • Better support for huge numbers of SKUs: simply, Magento Enterprise is better designed for huge product databases, so expect more tools for managing products in bulk, as well as frontend and backend performance gains.
  • Improved customer segmenting: greater ability to segment customers to better promotional emails, etc.
  • More SEO tools: additional search engine optimisation controls and tools for products and content.
  • Better promotional tools: Enterprise Edition offers merchants more tools to target their promotions (see improved customer segmenting) and opportunities for merchandising, as well as greater control over discount/promotional coupons

Many of these features can actually be added to Magento Community through free or paid extensions that already exist, but Magento Enterprise’s full page caching and ability to handle very large numbers of SKUs more easily can be very useful to clients.

And, of course, if you’d like help and consultancy for your Magento Enterprise project, please do get in touch with us.

This information is correct to our knowledge as of July 2015 and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.