Blanking the short description field for all products in the database in Magento 1.7

We came across an instance where an automated import from a client’s old website had caused errors with the short description field in Magento 1.7 and we wanted to blank all values for the short description field in Magento in the database.

To blank values for this field in Magento Community Edition 1.7, follow these steps:

  1. Back up your database before you start – you never know when you’ll need this!
  2. Open your preferred database management tool – we use phpMyAdmin.
  3. Run the following SQL command to update all short description fields for your products in Magento to be blank:
    UPDATE catalog_product_entity_text
    SET value=""
    WHERE attribute_id = 73;
    (Run this in the SQL tab in phpMyAdmin if that’s what you’re using).
  4. For large databases, this can take some time to run (our client had around 10000 products/SKUs and this took around 5 minutes to run on their server).
  5. It’s worth checking in the table that rows with attribute_id of 73 corresponds to your site’s own short description field!

That’s it: you’ve blanked all of your products’ short description field in Magento through your database!

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