Changing the homepage’s title on your OpenCart store

Another how-to article following on from how to create a Magento API user account – must be on a roll! This post is a quick guide to changing your OpenCart store’s homepage title.

Log in to your OpenCart store’s administration panel, and go to Systems > Settings. From here, select your store (usually labelled with Default), and select Edit here to be taken to your store’s settings. Under the Store tab here, find the Title field.

Change your OpenCart store's homepage title

The Title field is where you enter your OpenCart store’s title for the homepage.  Nice and easy! Click Save at the top-right of the screen and you’ll see your store’s title update when you refresh the page.

Changing page titles other than the homepage title in OpenCart

Other page titles in OpenCart are controlled through the Catalog > Information area of the website administration panel, whilst Category and Product view page titles are set through the Category and Product name field respectively.

4 Responses to “Changing the homepage’s title on your OpenCart store”

  1. Saidul Hassan

    Nice and easy heads up! However, there must be a work around if I want to use SEO friendly Page tiles for product pages instead of some jargon names of my products? Any tips on how?

  2. Adam

    Thanks for the write up. This clarifies how to change the homepage title, but do you know how one might dynamically change the titles for all other pages?

    For example, on a product page, one might want “Name of Product – STORE NAME”.

    Any ideas?

    • Richard

      Hi Adam,

      You can use the Title Prefix and Title Suffix fields in Magento’s admin panel – go to System > Configuration > Design > HTML Head.

      Hope that helps!

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