Disabling attributes in Magento’s compare products table view

If you want to alter the attributes that appear in Magento’s compare products pop-up, it’s possible to do this through Magento’s backend: you can disable attributes for Magento’s compare products table.

This is useful if you have a lot of attributes showing on your store’s frontend which customers won’t want to see when comparing products in your store:

Disable attributes on Compare Products in Magento

Optimising these fields to show only what is useful to customers can be key in converting visitors to customers on your Magento store, so this small change could be a vital part of gaining more business.

This brief guide will guide you through disabling (or enabling) attributes from displaying in the compare products screen in your Magento catalogue without any knowledge of coding for Magento: all changes required can be done through Magento’s powerful dashboard.

Disabling attributes in Magento compare feature

Log in to your Magento store’s administration panel, and navigate to the Catalogue > Attributes > Manage Attributes screen. From there, search for the attributes you want to enable or disable on the Manage Attributes grid:

Magento - change attributes on compare products table

Click the attribute to edit it, and ensure you are on the Properties tab (left hand side of the screen):Magento Manage Attributes - Properties tab

Scroll down the screen to the Frontend Properties panel on the edit product attribute screen, and locate the Comparable on Front-end dropdown.

To disable the attribute from being displayed to customers on the product compare feature on the frontend of your Magento website, set the value of Comparable on Front-end to No.

Disable attributes on Compare Products in Magento

Alternatively, set the Comparable on Front-end field to Yes to ensure this attribute is displayed to customers when comparing products.

That’s it! You can now alter the appearance of attributes for comparing products on your Magento store.

And, as always, if you need any further help with your Magento store, we offer a comprehensive Magento consultancy and development package.