How to add Google Analytics to your Magento store

A popular support request we receive is to add Google Analytics to Magento store websites.

Analytics, Google’s website visitor statistics package, is one of the most popular solutions for allowing website owners to track their visitors and act on this information to improve their website and the returns it can provide.

Adding Google Analytics code to your Magento website

Log in to your Magento administration panel, and navigate to System > Configuration. Select the correct “Current Configuration Scope” for your store, and in the left-hand column of your screen, find the Sales heading. Under this, you will see the Google API link: click this to load the Google API settings for your store.

Adding Google Analytics to your Magento store

Enter your Google Analytics account number (the Google Analytics administration panel will provide this for you: follow this guide), and click the Save Config button at the top-right of the screen.

That’s it! If you’d like help installing Google Analytics on your Magento website, contact us to discuss the Magento consultancy and support packages we offer.