How to fix Magento’s admin panel redirecting to store’s homepage

One side-effect of changing your Magento store’s URL through the database (or any other method, for that matter) is that you can be left with your usual Magento admin panel link redirecting you back to your store’s homepage. Luckily, the fix is pretty quick, once you know how!

To fix your Magento store’s administration panel link (e.g., redirecting you to your store’s homepage, delete the contents of the following directories in your Magento installation:

  • /var/cache
  • /var/session


2 Responses to “How to fix Magento’s admin panel redirecting to store’s homepage”

  1. Magento store owner

    Hello, actually I happened to see this matter.
    When I want to visit some inner page (pages created by myself ) not the category page.
    It directly redirect to the main page, the same things happens to the

    Is there anything I can do to solve this problem ?

    Thnak you in advance

    • Richard

      Hi there. If you email us (see the contact page for an email address) your website’s address we’d be happy to take a look for you.

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