How to solve Magento not running in an iframe

If you’ve attempted to embed your Magento store in an iframe recently and it hasn’t loaded, a new setting in Magento 1.9 Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 may well be the cause: Magento has disabled embedding by iframe by default.

Enabling embedding by iframe for your Magento store

Log in to your store’s administration panel, and navigate to System > Configuration in the menu:

Enable Magento to be embedded in iframes

From here, select Admin from the Advanced tabs (in the left-hand column):

Magento: enable iframes (Advanced > Admin menu)

Finally, expand the Security settings panel and change the Allow Magento Frontend to run in frame option to Enabled:

Magento iframe embedding enabled!

You can also use the Allow Magento Backend to run in frame setting to allow Magento’s backend to run in an iframe (not recommended).

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