MediaWiki 1.11 to MediaWiki 1.18 upgrade

Another year, and another MediaWiki upgrade project completed, this time for a client in America.

We recently finished upgrading a large MediaWiki installation from MediaWiki 1.11 to 1.17, but MediaWiki version 1.18 is now, in our view, stable enough to be upgrade their MediaWiki installation from version 1.11 to 1.18, especially with the impending release of MediaWiki 1.19!

During the upgrade process, we transferred the existing articles, users and media files to a new server, and updated MediaWiki’s core to provide increased security and functionality. Alongside this, we were also able to:

  • identify extensions the client was using in their old MediaWiki installation that could replaced with compatible extensions for their newer version of MediaWiki
  • learn about the client’s processes to suggest new extensions and features for their wiki
  • share our knowledge of MediaWiki 1.18’s new features with the client, such as new gender-specific greetings for users (particularly important for non-English based wikis) and better media type detection for uploaded files

If you’re in a similar position and would like help upgrading your MediaWiki installation, please get in touch.