Review of Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration book by Matt Butcher

Fresh out of the post, here’s my review of Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration book by Matt Butcher. I’ve previously acted as technical reviewer on The Definitive Guide To Drupal 7 (Apress), Drupal 7 Webforms Cookbook and Drupal 7 Business Solutions (both Packt – see my personal site for technical reviewing I’ve previously undertaken), and there’s an informal review of Drupal 7 Themes Design on my personal blog, too.

Who Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration is for

Drupal 7 Multisites Configuration book by Matt Butcher

Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration is written with Drupal ‘site builders’ in mind; i.e., people who use Drupal to build websites, largely with existing modules and themes. This is in a series of books that is designed to be a short, concise read on a very specific area; check out Packt’s page about this book for more information. As a short book, they are only 5 chapters, but the book pretty thoroughly covers the topics you’d expect:

  1. Multi-site Drupal
  2. Installing Drupal for Multi-site
  3. Settings, Modules, and Themes
  4. Updating Multi-site Drupal
  5. Advanced Multi-sites

Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration: the good

My favourite feature of the book is its brevity – as I’m sure many people are, I’m impatient, and the book gets straight to the nitty-gritty of dealing with Drupal.

The walkthrough for creating both secure/non-secure Drupal installations was a great start in the book, and I imagine it’s a reasonably common requirement for stores.

Early on (page 12), there’s a particularly good table explaining which Drupal configuration/module suit which set-up you’re after, and deeper in to the book the SSO (Single Sign On) guide using Bakery was much clearer than many of the online guides I’ve attempted to read.

The not-so-good

I haven’t had the chance to read one of Drupal’s new breed of shorter books before, and the brevity of them was an initial concern, but my only real complaint on this front was the lack of screenshots to help follow your progress at vital stages at some points in the book.

Beyond that, I couldn’t find much to grumble about (I tried!) – perhaps another benefit of the shorter format.

The book, overall

Overall, I found Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration a solid offering – help-filled, and easy-to-follow for the most part (perhaps a benefit of its shorter page count!).

tl;dr: definitely worth a go if you need to create multi-site Drupal installations and don’t have the time or patience to read through Drupal’s documentation!

About the reviewer

Richard Carter is Director of Richard Carter Consultancy Ltd, an open source training and consultancy company helping clients worldwide get to grips with open source software such as Drupal.


I was gifted the Drupal 7 Multi-sites Configuration book by Packt in exchange for this review. The opinions within the post are mine, though!

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