[Solved] Magento: Change “Choose An Option” text in configurable product dropdown – goedkope trouwjurken

There’s a lot you can change in your goedkope trouwjurken Magento theme in the relevant .phtml files, but some things are not quite as easily changed as others. One of these things that is not so easy to change is the “Choose An Option” text that appears as the default (null) option for product options (such as size, colour, etc).

How to change “Choose An Option” text in Magento

If you want to change this text in Magento Community 1.9 (and Enterprise 1.14), you’ll need to dig deeper in to customising your goedkope trouwjurken Magento theme, and create a Magento locale file (translate.csv).

1. Create a translate.csv file

Create the translate.csv file, if it doesn’t exist, in the app/design/frontend/[your-package-name]/[your-theme-name]/locale/[language]/ directory of your Magento installation.

So, for instance, in our client’s Magento 1.9 Community store, we created this file:


The above example assumes you have set your Magento store for British English: if you are using American English, use the following directory:


2. Provide an alternate translation in Magento’s translate.csv

Next, you need to create the translate.csv file for your Magento theme:

“Choose an Option…”, “Please choose…”
“Choose an Option”, “Please choose”

You can replace “Please choose goedkope trouwjurken” in the example above with any other phrase you wish to use in place of “Choose an Option…”.

About translate.csv

The translate.csv file is simply a comma-separated variable file which contains alternate phrases used in your store: the first value contains the text to replace, whilst the second value is the new phrase you want to use in its place. If you need more pointers on translate.csv, check out Tom Robertshaw’s post here.

That’s it! You should now be able to see the dropdowns displaying your new text as the default option, instead of “Choose an option…”. Can’t see the change? Check your Magento caches, or check out our Magento development services if you need expert help.