Stunning MediaWiki skin design

When you think of MediaWiki, the open source wiki software, you probably think of the very functional but hardly-stunning looks of the traditional MonoBook or Vector skins associated with Wikipedia, which act as MediaWiki’s default themes.

MediaWiki can, in fact, be heavily customised and integrated, and these stunning MediaWiki skins will hopefully prove that good-looking MediaWiki design does exist!

1. MozillaWiki

The official wiki of the Mozilla Foundation, the non-profit organisation behind the Firefox web browser, relies on MediaWiki for its documentation, and sports a simple but striking MediaWiki skin:

2. Wikimini

Wikimini is a French-based children’s encyclopaedia based on MediaWiki. With a Flash-based header and vibrant colour scheme, the design appeals more heavily to its primary audience of children.

3. University College Dublin

A little cheating here, as I worked on this wiki personally some years ago, through Peacock Carter Ltd, for the University College Dublin (, which they use as a teaching aid for their new lecturers.

4. is a stunning MediaWiki skin implementation to support a community of web standards supporters.

5. CMK Alliance wiki

Next is a MediaWiki skin we designed for Central Milton Keynes Alliance to help allow contributions towards the town centre plan.

Custom MediaWiki design for CMK Alliance


Another custom MediaWiki skin design for MediaWiki skin design


A custom, responsive MediaWiki theme for the online handbook for the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a global organisation for petroleum engineers.

Responsive MediaWiki skin design for