Twiki to MediaWiki conversion

We’ve recently completed the conversion of a Twiki installation to MediaWiki for the University of Halmstad in Sweden, on behalf of Peacock Carter Ltd.

This project was a lot more effort than a typical MediaWiki update, as Twiki’s formatting system is quite different in places to that of MediaWiki’s, and yet, in other areas such as the internal linking syntax, similar enough to be frustrating. We made use of the Java Wiki API and extracted content from a provided dump of the Twiki’s files.

The transfer from Twiki to MediaWiki meant having to transfer not only all of the textual content from the client’s Twiki installation, but also the categories, files and images associated with each page; a considerable task given the scale of the wiki. So, if you’re in need of helping converting a Twiki installation to MediaWiki’s open source wiki platform, get in touch.