Watermarking images in WordPress

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Do you need to watermark images in your WordPress website? Read the RCC guide to your options for marking and protecting your images in WordPress.

There are quite a few reasons for wanting to watermark images on your website:

  • Protecting your product photography from being used without credit
  • Discouraging users searching with Google Image search from using your photography and images in their presentations, documents and on their own websites

If you’d like help to watermark images on your website, contact us about our WordPress development services.

What is a watermark?

A watermark is an image or text added to an image as a way to credit the original creator.

Watermarks originated in early paper manufacture, but in the modern age are used to credit the creator(s) of a specific photograph or image.

Pros and cons of watermarks on photographs

As with any feature on your WordPress website, there are pros and cons of adding watermarks to your images:

Advantages Disadvantages
Useful for dissuading people from using your images without credit Automatically applying watermarks can obscure required details in necessary images
If the image is uploaded elsewhere, you are still credited It’s hard to watermark the entire image without obscuring it.
Useful for sharing on social media too. It can be easy to crop or remove watermarks from images.

There is a good discussion on watermarking on the BH Photo website.

Watermark your website images without a plugin

One option for marking your website images is to use a free watermark service such as Watermarkly. a favourite of ours as it’s simple and easy to use.

This is fine for watermarking a very small number of images if you don’t want to install yet another WordPress plugin: it’s not very practical if you upload images to your website on a very regular basis (e.g., daily), though, so a a specific plugin which automatically watermarks images may be worthwhile.

Image Watermark plugin for WordPress

The Image Watermark plugin for WordPress contains quite a few useful features for those watermarking images on their website:

  • a bulk watermark facility
  • set location of watermark on original image
  • the ability to change the opacity of watermarks added to images

Caution: this plugin has not been updated in some time.

Easy Watermark plugin for WordPress

Easy Watermark is a fully featured watermark plugin, with the ability to restore images you no longer want a watermark on. Other features include:

  • add text watermarks
  • opacity of watermarks can be controlled
  • ability to restore images without watermark

Caution: this plugin has not been updated in some time.

There don’t appear to be any actively developed watermarking plugins for WordPress at the time of writing: do you have a recommendation? Let us know!