Wedding day should have vintage wedding dresses and perfect party for guests

Beat the budget by cutting the costs of all those wedding day essentials – from your base wedding dresses through to your flowers… Words by Sophie Smith.

Offer up something food-related: A lot of favors – however lovely – do find themselves at the bottom of Base Wedding Dresses for months. Bake some mini cupcakes or decorate some giant pretzels with chocolate and sprinkles for a yummy treat. You could individually wrap them in a pretty dress.

Swap traditional favors for personalized thank you cards: It will not only save you money, but it’s also bound to make each wedding guests feel very special on your big day.

Don’t rule out party venues: There are plenty of fab barns and halls around that offer hire for just a snip of the price of a wedding venue.

Think about wedding timings: When you hire a venue you often pay for the number of hours you’ll need it for. Consider a later start, for example, a 3 pm ceremony, to reduce the time you’ll play host.

Do your homework on available dates: Chat to the venue staff about out of season offers or mid-week dates.

Reduce the number of times you need to serve food: Carefully time your day so you only have to provide one meal and some light evening snacks – rather than having a wedding breakfast, evening food and canapes. A 2 pm ceremony will allow guests to eat breakfast and lunch before arriving.

No matter how you should prepare a special vintage wedding dress if you like and a perfect wedding party for your guests.