Best practice tips for Magento theme development

seasoned Magento consultants, one of the things we see often is poorly implemented Magento themes. After running a Magento training course for web developers recently, a discussion with them lead to creating a list of best practices for Magento 1.x theme development. So, here are a list of tips for newcomers to Magento and Magento… Read more »


Magento, Google Merchant Center & Robots.txt

If you are looking to make SEO improvements to your Magento website, you have probably considered using a robots.txt file to block specific pages from search engine listings. A word to the wise: If you are listing your products on Google Merchant Centre, you may want to tread carefully. The issue: robots.txt blocking access to… Read more »


3 tips to improve your Magento store’s SEO

Like any ecommerce software, Magento can only go so far in helping your website to rank in search engines and drive customers to your website. These tips to improve your Magento store’s search engine optimisation (SEO) may help you to beat your competition: good luck! 1. Make sure your Magento site is quick to load… Read more »


MediaWiki SEO: 5 tips to improve your wiki

MediaWiki SEO: is your wiki website underperforming in search engines? There are many reasons your MediaWiki installation can be lower in search engine rankings than you’d like, but the SEO tips below are a great place to start to ensure search engines such as Google and Bing can index your content correctly. MediaWiki & SEO… Read more »