HTML and CSS training course for beginners

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Are you looking to expand your skills and start learning HTML and CSS? Our HTML and CSS beginners course is for you!

Our basics of HTML and CSS training course is ideal for:

  • Graphic designers with a background in print, who want to expand their skillset to website design: this training course is for you!
  • Web designers with lapsed skill sets: do you need to get back in to the swing of things and catch up with recent best practice? This training course is for you!

We are also able to offer platform-specific training for web designers and developers on topics such as Magento and WordPress.

HTML and CSS for beginners: course outline

Typical HTML and CSS beginners’ courses are 2 days long, and cover some, more or less of the content below depending on the delegate’s existing knowledge and desired learning outcomes.

Day 1: HTML for beginners

The course is typically split in to two distinct parts: HTML and CSS. The HTML course covers:

  • What is HTML?
  • Structuring a document
  • Tasks: structuring increasingly difficult content with HTML, introducing various new elements
  • Nesting elements
  • HTML vs XHTML: doctypes
  • head and body
  • Valid HTML and validation
  • Containing elements: div
  • HTML5 elements for beginners: article, section, aside, header, footer
  • HTML forms
  • ARIA roles

Day 2: CSS for beginners

The CSS course covers:

  • What is CSS?
  • IDs and classes
  • Writing CSS
  • Cascading style: inheritance and specificity
  • !important
  • Basic styles
  • The CSS reset (or normalise.css)
  • font sizes and units
  • layouts: floats and clears
  • inline, inline-block and block
  • clearing floats and grouping elements
  • Document flow/source order
  • pseudo-selectors: :hover, etc
  • Browser compatibility (not just Internet Explorer!)
  • Media queries for responsive websites

The length and content covered during this course can be altered to suit your needs. Each training course comes with a course book you can use as a reference once the training course is done.

We’ve delivered training courses for clients throughout the UK of every size including the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Justices Association, from London to Edinburgh, Carlisle, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle upon Tyne (our home town).

Booking the HTML & CSS for beginners course

If you would like to book the HTML and CSS training course, please contact us in the first instance with your desired outcomes from the course (do you want to be able to build a WordPress website from scratch, or just brush up on modern HTML, for example?).

About the course leader: Richard Carter

Richard Carter is a seasoned web designer and frontend developer
based in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England.

Richard has written 7 books and counting on website design, for .net, the world’s “best selling magazine for web designers and developers”, and has spoken at conferences and events on website design.