Website training courses

Our web training courses give you the knowledge to make the best possible use of your open source project, whether it’s a content management system or ecommerce website.

We have a wealth of open source knowledge to share, and the perfect complement to our web consultancy are our website training courses, meaning you get both exceptional value for money and skills you can really use in the months and years to come.

Bespoke web training courses

Every training course is tailored to your requirements.Courses can be undertaken face-to-face at your premises, in the UK or abroad, or we can arrange for the course to take place at a venue in a city of your choice, including London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and Cardiff to destinations abroad, from mainland Europe to Australia and New Zealand to America and the Americas.

Alongside software-specific courses, we offer a HTML and CSS for beginners course which can be coupled with a course in theme design for your chosen software from above.

For more information on our training courses, please make contact.